Teufel thx theater 8

2019-12-11 11:26

Apr 01, 2010  What we have here, in the shape of Teufel's THX Ultra2 System 8, is a set of speakers designed from the ground up to adhere to the excitement levels that George Lucas and Tom Holman decided were appropriate all those years ago when they formed THX. Of course, THXWithout a doubt, the Teufel Theater 8 THX Ultra 2 is one of the world's best home theatre loudspeaker systems. Rounding off the impressive sound and features is its wonderful value for money. Luxury class, 5 5 points; a DVD VISION benchmark. teufel thx theater 8

Jun 17, 2010  As ever with Teufel, theres plenty of box for your buck, but it simply needs to be more capable sonically Teufel is pretty excited about this system. As you'll deduce from the name, it has been given the THX Ultra 2 stamp of approval; no mean feat. According to THX, the Ultra 2 certification aims

Nov 05, 2010  Teufel's System 8 THX Ultra 2: a big sound needs big rooms Shy and retiring it ain't, but for those who value sound quality and sheer sonic power above all else when it comes to home cinema, the System 8s lack of compromise could be very appealing. Renovierung bei Teufel: Das Theater 8, gnstigstes Boxenset des Hauses fr THX Ultra 2, prsentiert sich jetzt mit modernster Technik und deutlich kompakter. Fazit des Testes: Das System 8 Ultra 2 von Teufel ist ein kompaktes und schickes reinsten Wassers. Musik beherrscht es durchausaber Filmton kann es noch besser. teufel thx theater 8 Teufel delivered a true masterpiece with the Theater 8, which now enjoys a cult status. It's hard to imagine this performance could be topped, but Teufel's engineers have done just that with System 8. This THXcertified home cinema system outdoes its legendary predecessor in a number of ways.

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