Nitrodesk touchdown save attachments

2019-10-15 19:28

Only recently I have noticed that Nitrodesk (company behind TouchDown) released also iOS version of their app for Apple devices. At the moment of this post iOS application cost 18 Eur in App store, which is quite pricey, but basing on my good experience with Android phone I2 Chapter 1 Installing TouchDown To install TouchDown from the Google Play Store, 1 On your device, go to the Google Play Store. 2 Tap the Search button, type NitroDesk and Tap Search. 3 Navigate to TouchDown for Smartph ones or TouchDown HD (for ICSJB) and select the version depending on your device. This will open the product information screen. nitrodesk touchdown save attachments

Re: nitrodesk touchdown Hi Andy, I downloaded Nitrodesk to my Milestone and I agree, quickconfigure does not work (same error), but manual configuration seams to work

Dec 16, 2009 Mine are stored on my SD card but then again, maybe that's because I'm using Nitrodesk's Touchdown app to check my Microsoft Exchange(Outlook) email. I'm not sure where the native email app stores it's attachments. Maybe it doesn't? Maybe it just downloads them on demand and when you're finished looking at it, the file deletes itself off your Jun 08, 2013 Nitrodesk Touchdown 26 posts attachments, save as a draft or cancel or send, speech to text for handsfree (i. e. walking to another meeting), and then replyto selection if you have multiple nitrodesk touchdown save attachments I cannot save attachments to the phone or to my external SD card, which is not encrypted. I have no Exchange 2010 security policies blocking attachments. ICS is not set to encrypt anything. I use NitroDesk TouchDown, which also has no saving restrictions or encryption set. I go through the process

Dec 17, 2009 Touchdown app having some issues w attachments. Discussion in 'Android Support' started by pdxrealtor, Dec 16, 2009. When I save them no deal I tried to refresh in the task manager, reboot the phone by pulling the battery, checked for an update. . out of options. NitroDesk TouchDown Google Groups# 5 Backnblack, Dec 17, 2009 nitrodesk touchdown save attachments you save each item as a draft. OUTBOUND shows a list of emails that failed to send or are inflight. You can open and edit and try to send again or discard the message. PROFILES allows you to create or edit multip le Exchange Server profiles to be used with TouchDown. You can sync as many profiles with TouchDown as your device can support. Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their informationdriven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored. The Symantec Connect community allows customers and users of Symantec to network and learn more about creative and innovative ways to

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